My Social Media Wiz – Rebecca

Thank you Rebecca for everything, I think in the beginning we spoke almost daily, I wish I understood all this social media stuff but I have learnt loads from you and although I don’t think I’ll quite master it. I know you’ll always be at the end of the phone for me!!

Social Media is second nature to me, so it only seemed logical to help out where I could. Working alongside Sam on the PR side of the business, it is a great way to keep connected with our bloggers and reviewers, and it enables us to share our coverage for Bella and Bentley followers to see! We are excited to see what the next books bring to the series…



As a child I was petrified of dogs, clinging to my mother’s legs at the sight of them. My best friend at the time had one, and my mother asked if the dog ‘by accident’ could be let loose when I was least expecting it. I was then converted! My friend’s Cocker Spaniel stole my heart. I got my first dog when I was 16 from the RSPCA (Benson: a Cocker Spaniel), an older dog, and we treated him like a king for the three years we had him. Four years later I made another Spaniel (Chance: Springer Spaniel) the centre of my life… another older gentleman, but extremely energetic, belly-flopping into the dirtiest of puddles. Five years later, I then got a rescue dog (Lily, 2 years old: Beagle x Pointer) from Cyprus. She is very energetic, loving and great with children (kids like to touch her velvet ears). She gets people talking, that’s for sure!

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