Thank you to Tanya Smith for this lovely review of my book Bella and Bentley Book One… (early years) read it and find out what happens!! #lovebookslovereading Fantastic promotion coming up soon so keep a look out for this pages updates ? So pleased,  books doing well in Cowes…’Little Live Live  This’ – Daniel ordered […]

July Blog I was sent this article as our lovely Bentley is a Frenchie!! ‘The French Bulldog is the the UK’s top dog’… mind you I love all dogs so I think all dogs are top dogs ? Come on lovely people, ‘pause’ and think of ‘paws’ in this hot weather… no walkies if it’s […]

Pleased to say final draft for book 3 was posted to my lovely illustrator today! Here we go ? Sarah-Leigh Wills, here we go again! Had a lovely day at The Isle of Wight Dog Festival… loved all the doggies ?

Hi… Starting to take author visit bookings from 1st April 2018 to your playschool, primary reception classes and any children’s functions here on the Island. Children love telling me about their pets, whether it’s a dog or a stick insect ? Please contact me anytime through my page or website! ‘Love books, love reading’ […]

Crikey snow, cold, rain, sun then more snow… what’s going on ? This month I was kindly invited to Wootton’s Creekside WI Isle of Wight to be their speaker for the evening. Such a lovely group of ladies, I so enjoyed myself ? Thank you to Antonia for organising. Thank you! ?? I’m now also […]

Hi just popped in to say hello and a few updates. Moving house this month. Having a little time to myself as I’ve felt unwell and can’t shake it. It’s so cold too, a bit of sun would be welcome ?Decided to delay Bella And Bentley Visit The Vet so it’ll be out September now!

BYE FOR NOW… going quiet for a few months… Even though I’d love to stay and chat, love it but I must get on! Bella and Bentley Visit The Vet to be sorted and my first YA needs 2nd draft etc… ? take care everyone speak soon ?xxx

Hi, quiet month this month, enjoying the quite mild weather, although around the world there has been some rather extremes of cold and heat! Hope you all had good Christmas with not too many of these bugs going around getting in the way. Pleased to say Bella and Bentley’s Day Out is now in ‘Little […]

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